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We love that we get to share our couples’ stories.  Whether the story is apparent in the image or not is a bit irrelevant.  The client knows the story and is reminded of it when they see the photo.  Not all of the stories we have though are entirely our couples’.  Sometimes the story is either ours, or at least partially ours.  This image of Jared and Nicole is definitely the latter.  The story behind this photo, and really their entire session is about them trying to trick us!

When you’re a couple who works with other couples, you sometimes meet a couple that you just click with.  You get each other’s jokes, they’re very good at pretending that yours are funny, and so on.   It’s hard to pinpoint the moment that the click actually happens but this time that moment was pretty clear.  It was right at the beginning of their engagement session.

I was standing under the open hatch of our car, rifling though our shoot bag, looking for something I was pretty sure was lost forever when Jared and Nicole arrived for their engagement session.  I don’t remember what it was now so apparently, in addition to being lost, it was unimportant.  Jared and Nicole got out of the car and the very first thing I noticed was Jared’s white sneakers.  They were blindingly white, and really didn’t go with what he was wearing at all, but I was going to do my best not to let them know that I didn’t love them.  They walked over to our car where I was abandoning my search and we started chatting and trading hellos.  As we talked about our plan, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that the only thing you were going to notice in the awesome far away shots of them walking that we were discussing, were going to be Jared’s glowing shoes.  That’s when I glanced down and noticed that Nicole was wearing a similar pair of sparkling white sneakers.  I thought I had my poker face on pretty strong but apparently not, because almost the instant I noticed Nicole’s shoes they started laughing.  That’s when they spilled the beans that they were up to something.

Jared and Nicole are nurses.  One of the requirements of their nursing program in college was that you had to wear white shoes.  Over time the shoes had become a joke between them because of how much they hated them.  They both mentioned how glad they were not to wear them anymore.  So, the shoes were the perfect choice for their joke.  Their plan was to tell us how much they loved the shoes, and how much they had bonded over the shoes while they were in school.  All the while knowing how much of a distraction they would actually be in the photos.  After the good laugh though they pulled out their actual shoes and we had a great time photographing them.

We loved their joke, but what we loved even more was getting to share a moment with them.  I really like this shot of Jared and Nicole but when I look at it, it makes me laugh because of their shoes.

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