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We make it a point to sit down for coffee with our couples within a couple weeks of their wedding.  We do it for several reasons, but mostly it’s a chance to catch up and find out what’s going on in their heads now that planning is pretty much done.  Sometimes this is easier said than done though.  Schedules get busy, things come up, and before you know it you’re down to the last couple of days before the big day.  That was definitely the case with us, Trey, and Kim.  When we finally did meet, it was just Kim and I.  We chatted about the day, the timeline, and how she hoped things would go.

Every bride wants to feel like herself on wedding day and Kim was absolutely no different.  She is fun and bubbly and hoped her day would be too.  Where she was really concerned that she might not feel like herself was during bridal portraits.  She knew that they were a must get on wedding day but didn’t want to feel like she was posing for some grand portrait. “Stuffy” is never on our mental list of adjectives for the day, but we made it a point to make sure that Kim had fun and work on letting Kim’s natural humor come through.

On wedding day

Fast forward to wedding day, and we’re taking a few bridal portraits of Kim before the ceremony.  Trey and Kim weren’t going to see each other until the ceremony, so we had chosen a spot with great natural light, no distractions, and far away from where the guys were supposed to be hanging out.  The giant windows in the room let in amazing light, Kim looked gorgeous and felt comfortable, and we were getting some fantastic images. You see where this is going, right? One of the bridesmaids looked out the window toward the parking lot and spotted Trey!  He was walking straight toward us, but luckily far enough away that he couldn’t see Kim ….. YET!  She immediately ran and hid behind an antique piano in the corner of the room, hoping he wouldn’t see her as he walked by the windows.   As Kim stood there prepared to hit the dirt if Trey started to turn and look back her way I kept shooting.

Not every bride would keep a smile on her face through a close call like this! But Kim has such an easy-going spirit that in a moment that would have rattled a lot of brides, she laughed. That’s why this portrait of Kim laughing behind the piano is one of our favorites from the day!  She found the humor in what could have been a stressful moment. This photo is the least stuffy bridal portrait ever and it is so Kim.

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