Our tenth anniversary: why we re-shot our own wedding photos

Why we re-shot our own wedding photos

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If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen a few of our tenth anniversary photos! And you’ve probably picked up that we did something a little out of the ordinary. We dressed up, we went to the Dixon, and reshot all of our wedding portraits!

More about the part where we’re crazy and were our own photographers in a minute! First we should tell you why.

This was a bit more than just a tenth anniversary session to us. This was a do-over on our a major part of our wedding day that we felt like we missed out on.

It’s not just our photos we wanted a do-over on.  We also wanted a redo on the experience – although if you’ve seen our wedding “album” you know why we’re eager to have new photos, too!  We didn’t have an entirely awesome wedding day experience.  We definitely remember parts of our wedding day very fondly, but there are other parts that still make us feel anxious.  We didn’t know then what we know now and had no idea how to plan ahead for the kind of day we wanted. What we wanted was to spend the day focused on the things that matter to us – our families, our friends, and each other. Ultimately, we felt rushed through the day, and like we were there to accomplish a list of tasks:  get dressed, see each other, hit all the portrait locations, walk down the aisle, cut the cake, wave and smile, throw some flowers.  It wasn’t at all want we wanted out of the day, and it shows in our photos. When we look back at our wedding photos, we don’t see the joy, love, and excitement that should be at the center of every wedding.  We see two very tired people just ready to take a minute and have a conversation.

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So, for our tenth anniversary, we decided to give ourselves a little do-over and take some photos that would celebrate our relationship in a way that we didn’t on our wedding day. Photographing ourselves wasn’t our original plan. But as we worked out our goals for the day, we realized that our career is built on giving couples the kind of experience that we had hoped for.  Who better to give us exactly what we want than us?

We weren’t sure that taking our own photos would work.  We knew we might fail miserably.  In fact, more than one friend and fellow wedding professional looked at us and asked, “Don’t you know some other photographers?  Is there someone else you can hire?” (And the answer is yes!  We’re fortunate to know some extremely talented photographers in Memphis!)

Photographing yourself is hard!  But we practiced, we prepared, we played with equipment in our living room.  And on the day of the session, we had a great time together. We were able to take the time to get ready together and photograph our own details. We got to scout locations together and perfect each shot together.  Some moments were more difficult than others, but it was fun!  It was the perfect way for us to celebrate ten years of US – doing things together that maybe seem a little nuts, but having a great time figuring it out together.

We took these photos about a month early so that on our anniversary we could enjoy them while we sit down to a real dinner out (no kids!) and daydream about the portrait album and canvas for our living room that we’ve been waiting a decade for.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed taking them!


Venue: The Dixon Gallery and Gardens

Dress: The Barefoot Bride

Floral: Everbloom Design

Suit: Banana Republic

Bridal Alterations: A Better Fit Alterations

Her Shoes: Jimmy Choo

In addition to these Dixon Gallery and Gardens anniversary photos, Memphis Wedding Photographers Josh and Aleah are available for weddings and couples’ portrait sessions in Tennessee, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon, and worldwide. To see more from Memphis Wedding Photographers Josh and Aleah, head over to our gallery page or browse some of our Real Weddings!

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  1. JoRene Bargiacchi says:

    Josh and Aleah, I love these pretty photos, you both look wonderful. How clever you guys are, true artists!!

    • Josh Looney says:

      JoRene, you are so kind! We have loved getting to know your family – now I would love to do something like this for you and Steve! 🙂

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