Planning Your Wedding: What To Do First

Bride and Groom portrait in front of Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis TN


Planning your wedding will likely be the biggest planning event of your life.  It is completely up to you (the bride or groom) to not only get married, but also make sure your family and friends have a great time.  And from bridesmaids to booze there are more than a few questions to answer.  Before you launch into finding the perfect cocktail napkins though, there are a few things you should consider first.

Get Organized First

Like we mentioned in the intro, weddings have a lot of moving pieces and the last thing you want is to be ripping apart your email box at 2am because you’ve gone over budget and can’t find your receipts.  Yes we know you have the worlds cutest notebook with pockets but that’s not going to cut it here.  You need more!

In addition to that notebook you’re going to want to have a wedding email.  The first reason is easy.  You want a place to store all the conversations you’re going to have with your wedding team in the coming months.  The second reason is to keep your personal email (yes the one you’ve had since high school) out of the hands of marketers (yes! even us!)  Once the wedding is over and you’re cruising past your first anniversary you don’t want to still be getting emails about sales at the local bridal boutique.

Once the email address is in place the next thing to consider is a separate bank account for wedding expenses.  Not only will it help you keep wedding funds distinct from rent, it will also make it very easy to see how you’re doing on budget.

One last tool you’ll want to have in your “planning you wedding” arsenal is a scanning app for your smartphone.  Having pockets in your notebook for notes, contracts, and receipts is really handy.  If you only have one copy of your important papers, though, you’re a single spilled coffee away from disaster.  Scan everything you get in paper to your phone.  You can even email those scanned documents to yourself so that everything is in one place.

Bridal portrait at Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis TN

Find Your Stye

Now that you’re at least a little bit organized you can move on to something a bit more fun, although just as important.  The style of your wedding is going to have a huge impact on absolutely everything from this point on.  Should you fly everyone to your perfect beach destination? Should you start checking the available dates on the church calendar?  From date, to budget, to the size of the guest list, knowing the kind of wedding you are planning is key.  It can even make a difference in which wedding vendors you talk to.  Your sister’s wedding planner may have been the perfect choice for her 800 guest country club wedding,  but he or she might not be the perfect choice for your intimate boho wedding.

Set an Overall Budget

Discussing your budget is never a fun part of planning your wedding.  It is important though, and for most of us budgets can change as we work our way though the planning process.  Having an idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding in total is a good place to start though.  It becomes especially helpful as friends and family begin to recommend their favorite venues, planners, dress designers, etc.

Enlist Help

Now that you’ve done some of the early preparation and legwork it’s time to make life a little easier.  Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner, or begging mom to take some of the pressure off, you certainly aren’t planning this wedding alone!

If you can hire a wedding planner, do it!  A good planner can help you spend your dollars wisely.  They can help you make sure all the little things are accounted for.  And they can even help solve some of those “etiquette” dilemmas that your grandmother mentioned.

Find Your Community

If you’ve made it this far you’ve done it!  You’ve officially started wedding planning!  There is one more thing you should do, though, before you find yourself in the thick of decision making.  You should find your community.  Your fiancee may not care to tell the difference between blush and peach anything, and you don’t need to pay your wedding planner to tell you that $2000 bridesmaids dresses might be a stretch for your friends.  Everyone gets excited, frustrated, or even overwhelmed with wedding planning – and when you do, you need an eager ear.  It can be that best friend that’s more excited about your day than you are, or it can be a group of people on reddit.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you find that support community to help get you from A to B.


Every wedding that’s ever happened was planned.  It was planned around a busy schedule, a limited amount of funds, and all the input and opinions of family and friends.  You’ve got this!  And if you need us to help you decide between blush and peach we got you!


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