When two people have been around for over 30 years there is a lot to know about them.  We can chat about all that over coffee but for right now you should know this.  We met in college, in 2006, while getting our accounting degrees.  After enjoying our corporate careers for a few years we made the jump to do something that we were always meant to do.  We love that we get to put the same fire and love into our couples that we put into being accounting nerds.

We may have moved onward and upward from the corporate world but three principles that carried us then, carry us now:  leave people better than you found them, do nothing by half, and exceed expectations every time it's possible.  We want every person we photograph to love the photos we took not because we're amazing artists (definitely not how we think of ourselves) but because they enjoy the memory of the day the photo was taken.  

One last thing: we drink coffee around the clock and never say no to cookies!

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