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We're not just passionate about capturing great images.  We're also passionate about helping the people we meet feel empowered and strong.  Keep reading for the best of what we've learned in the last seven years as photographers and business owners,


Is a First Look a Good Fit?

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  There is no shortage of “hot button” topics in the wedding world.  Whether or not you should have a first look might just be the biggest hot button topic of them all.  With everyone having an opinion on first looks, it can be tough to decide the best option for your day.  Before we launch […]

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Planning Your Wedding: What To Do First

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  Planning your wedding will likely be the biggest planning event of your life.  It is completely up to you (the bride or groom) to not only get married, but also make sure your family and friends have a great time.  And from bridesmaids to booze there are more than a few questions to answer.  […]

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What We Would Ask Our Wedding Photographer

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  Choosing the right wedding vendors can be a really daunting task; especially if you’re completely new to the world of weddings.  Having the right vendors there on wedding day can mean the difference between a day full of frustration and the day of your dreams.  That’s exactly why you’ve seen articles telling you which […]

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Josh and Aleah Photography what we would ask before hiring our wedding photographer


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